China nuclear power automation instrument held a symposium on post assistance for high-level employees
Publish Date:2021-07-24

On July 8, the national nuclear power automation instrument held a post guidance forum for high-level employees. The meeting was presided over by Ma Wanlin, director of human resources and director of human resources department. More than 50 people attended the meeting, including Miao FUZU, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board, heads of some departments and 24 pairs of guidance representatives.

At the meeting, Ma Wanlin introduced the purpose and significance of expanding the on-the-job training of employees of CNI to high-level posts, summarized the achievements of the company since the implementation of on-the-job training in 2013, and focused on the expansion ideas, key nodes and implementation steps of on-the-job training of employees. He pointed out that helping employees expand from new college graduates to all employees at and below high-level posts is to solve the short board of lack of professional ability and management experience faced by the company in the process of transformation and development, and solve the "last mile" of talent growth.

The department heads or representatives of the party masses work department, the project management department, the power station control center, the special instrument control center and the chief engineer's office briefly analyzed the Department positioning, the requirements for the ability and quality of employees and the current situation of the Department's staff team, and shared the training ideas of the Department's talent team and the objectives and specific measures of high-level post assistance.

On behalf of Bai Yuzhen and Zhu Lizhi, the tutor spoke at the meeting, saying that they must take the baton of "helping and leading", shoulder the responsibility of "guiding", complete the helping and leading tasks on schedule, adhere to answering questions and clarifying doubts, and unreservedly share their learning, knowledge and income with everyone for common progress and growth.

Chen Cong, Shi Yingpan, Wang Fan, Enron and other four mentors thanked the first tutor, such as teacher and friend, for their help when they first joined the company. They also thanked the company for again selecting high-level post mentors for themselves at the stage of further promotion of their career. They unanimously expressed that they should use their heart, brain and action to make greater progress and development under the guidance of the tutor, At the same time, use various carriers and forms to record the valuable experience of teachers, share the learned knowledge and experience with other colleagues, exchange with each other, make common progress, and form a virtuous circle of "one top three, one drag three and one belt three", so as to contribute to the construction of the company's talent team.

Miao FUZU affirmed the importance of carrying out high-level post guidance activities, and hoped that both parties would strictly implement the guidance agreement and achieve the expected guidance objectives. He said: the implementation of employee guidance and expansion to help more employees grow is the career needs and original mission of high-level talents in the company. As a guide, to "preach, teach and solve doubts" and achieve the expected guidance results, we must fully understand the

employees, "cook to solve cattle" and know when they panic and why they are distressed. In view of its shortcomings and demands, different ways and methods are adopted to help solve them, which can be centralized, process, or "wake up, make a sample and show an example", or "relay refueling" or "whip up", so as to achieve the effect of "leading the door, helping the horse and giving a ride". As a person to be instructed, we should adhere to "disciples need not be inferior to teachers" and "if we are not afraid of failure, we are afraid of not doing it; If you want to make further development and progress and take your career to a new level, job guidance and practical training are the key to faster and better success; Be honest with your tutors, accept instructions with an open mind, seriously study work experience and methods, and make up for your weaknesses and deficiencies as soon as possible; Actively strengthen the communication with the tutor, regularly report the ideological trends and work development, and sincerely accept the opinions and suggestions of the tutor; We should actively cooperate with our tutors to complete the tasks of assistance and guidance, take the initiative to learn political theory, professional skills and good style, and constantly improve our professional level and comprehensive quality.


The road is blocked and long, the line is coming, the line does not stop, and the future can be expected. The purpose of expanding the scope of employee assistance and expanding the scope of employee assistance is to create an atmosphere for knowledge inheritance and sharing, establish the concept of "learning from each other and growing together", give play to the exemplary role of high-level employees in "leading the army to fight", and form a talent training atmosphere of "following me, doing as I do, keeping an eye on people and being top of each other", Let each employee of the company become an expert in business, a scientific research talent with high skills, a manager with both political integrity and ability, and a reserve backbone for diversified development, so as to realize the dream of employee career development and promote the better and faster development of Guohe automation instrument.